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    By marketing the brangd,the quality and integrity of the society,service to meet the customers

    Weipo brand slogan:quality greates a good life.

    Weipo missiion:to improve the human quality of bathing

    Weipo team core values:truth-seeking,dedication,innovation,service

    The salse team Weipo purposes:wholeheartedly for customei service,create value for the the enterprise

    Weipo:corprate training,achievements you and me,of one heat and one mind creat and share

    The core idear of Weipo

    Quality cncept-high standard,fine,zero defect;

    The concept of development--the spirit of entrepreneurship and the spirit of innovation

    Interest view--a win -win between  distributors and headquarters

    The business philosophy

    Scientific developmengt and innovation

    Thw spirit of enterprise

    Customer first,quality is the toot,the innovation,have the whole world in view

    The style of enterprise

    Green environmental protection,water saving,energy saving,health and safety

    The concept of work

    Responsibiity to work is to be responsible for youself,and to realize self value is the root of happy work

    The service concept

    Customer first,costomer first,andoneself after

    The employment outlook

    There is only one,to reuse;no only virtuous,the use of training;talent without virtue,limited emploment;without virtue,resolutely not



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